Harness Earth’s largest ecosystem.

We help businesses create optimal microbial communities.
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A one-stop solution

We provide everything from sampling equipment to system insights, backed by world-leading expertise in microbial ecology, molecular biology and machine learning

Giving you the full picture

Your microbial ecosystem is so much more than a list of pathogens. We use next-generation sequencing to give you a holistic analysis of your microbes, ranging from harmful to beneficial and everything in between

Going beyond monitoring

Don't just observe, improve. We are not just a testing company; the service we're building enables you to create the optimal microbial community through the combination of monitoring, probiotics and other interventions

Our team of experts
is the best in the industry

Founder & CEO

Dr Paul Rutten

Lead Molecular Biologist

Dr Darren Chooneea

Principal Microbiome Scientist

Dr Junyan Liu

Principal Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Javier Cuadrado Corz

We are
on the lookout
for new talent.

An excellent team
of advisors

Scientific Advisor

Prof Philip Poole

Scientific Advisor

Prof Barbara de Coninck

Scientific Advisor

Prof James White

Scientific Advisor

Prof Angus Buckling

Scientific Advisor

Dr Gal Winter

Strategy & Commercial Advisor

Dr Matthew Hodges

Scientific Advisor

Prof Thomas Bell

Scientific Advisor

Dr Andrew Matthews

Our pilot for CEA growers is live

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